Finnish Garrison

Come and join our Comic Con cosplay parade

Come and join our Comic Con cosplay parade on Friday at 19, Saturday at 13 and Sunday at 13!

The parade departs from the lobby area between halls C and A, led by the Star Wars characters of Finnish Garrison and their flagbearer. It goes around hall C and returns to the same point where it departed from. 

All willing cosplayers in any costumes are free to join us either from the lobby or by jumping to the end of the parade line from the parade route. If you don’t join the parade line yourself, please make sure to make way for them! Good to know if you are joining the parade: the hallways are narrow, so please stay in lines of max 2 persons side by side. When the parade reaches its destination point, we wish for everyone to smoothly disperse in their own directions, to avoid creating lobby crowds.


Costume and charity club. Come and meet our heroes and villains from a galaxy far far away, where lightsabers clash and the Force is strong!



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