Sweet Kitsune & Sofrisk

13. Sweet Kitsune (2)
Sweet Kitsune

Hey! I am Sweet.Kitsune! I have been sewing since I was quite young and in fact I got my first
sewing machine for my 8th birthday. I started cosplaying when I was 13 when my friend
encouraged me and I’ve been cosplaying ever since. In cosplay I enjoy sewing the most, but I
also love to use a lot of different techniques. Over time I have fallen in love with the world of
cosplay competing, which is why we signed up with my friend to compete at the


Instagram: @little_sofrisk

Hi! I am Ruu and on social media I go by Sofrisk. I have enjoyed handicrafts ever since I was a
child, but my cosplaying hobby started in 2016. Now is the time to put my skills to the test!

Alex "heartgrenaded" & Sara “witchyblitzhycos”

Alex "heartgrenaded" (Photo by mialiinacosphoto)

I am Alex, a 32-year-old cosplayer and videogame nerd from Helsinki. I have been cosplaying
over 15 years with my partner witchyblitzhycos. In cosplay I enjoy problem solving, creativity
and learning new skills all combined with passion for fandom – what’s not to love! I very much
look forward to competing and I’m fired up to participate in the first ever Finnish ComicCon! See
you there!

Sara “witchyblitzhycos” (Photo by mialiinacosphoto)

IG: witchyblitzhycos

I am Sara, also known as witchyblitzhycos, from Helsinki. I have been cosplaying with my partner Alex since 2010. The best parts about cosplay for me are learning new skills and creative problem solving. My strengths lie in prop making, leather/pleather working and special make up effects, for example creating moustaches or beards. I wish everyone else good luck in the competition as well, and I’ll see you at Comic Con!

Alette "AlanaLana" Koppe & Mia "MiiCosplay" Lehtonen

Alette "AlanaLana" Koppe (Photo by Tamameru)

Hey there! I am AlanaLana and I started cosplaying in 2007. I have always been a rather eager
cosplayer and I started competing in 2017 after a friend encouraged me to do so. I love
learning new techniques and challenging myself in costume making. I want to consistently grow
and develop as a cosplayer. The best part about cosplay competing is definitely performing and
getting to bring a character to life on stage!

Mia "MiiCosplay" Lehtonen (Photo by tamameru)

Hey, I am Mia and I have cosplayed for 17 years already. I am delighted to show you my crafting skills through various techniques. By now I’ve also competed for many years and I have grown leaps and bounds as a performer because of it. Throughout the many competitions it’s been amazing to get to know my fellow competitors and to learn things from them as well as from the judges. I’m so excited to get on the stage with my partner and to give you all a super performance! Hope to see you at the convention, isn’t it wonderful to have a ComicCon in

Hennameri & Tammukka

16. Hennameri Kuvaaja_ Eemil Osmala (2)
Hennameri (Photo by Eemil Osmal)

Hey! I am hennameri, a fairly new cosplayer from Joensuu. In cosplay I am addicted to the endless possibilities of learning and developing my own crafting skills. Would you believe only a couple years ago I couldn’t use the sewing machine to save my life and here I am now competing! I love to document and share my projects on Tiktok and meanwhile encourage others to gather the courage to go out and try cosplaying.

Tammukka (Photo by Susana Pascual Marquinez)

I’m a cosplayer who’s all together old and new, I’m tammukka! I returned to my old cosplay hobby in 2023 with the goal of competing in mind. I have a clothing artisan’s degree and years of various other creative projects supporting this hobby. My maker strengths include experience in using a wide variety of materials and pattern drafting. Creating my first stage performance has made for a thrilling challenge and I can’t wait to find out about all the things I have yet to learn!

Moemoefever & Pinyamiu

Moemoefever Kuvaaja_ jesmo
Moemoefever (Photo by Jesmo)

Hiya! I am Moemoefever and I have cosplayed over 10 years and represented Finland a couple times abroad in Japan, France and also in the Netherlands where I placed second! My favorite part about cosplaying is reusing old items and materials. One person’s trash can truly be someone’s treasure. I look forward to the competition and getting to show you our energetic performance! See you at Comic Con!

17. Pinyamiu Kuvaaja_ Nyymix
Pinyamiu (Photo by Nyymix)

I am Pinja also known as Pinyamiu. I work as a designer seamstress in my own dressmakers shop and during my free time I dress up in cosplay! I have cosplayed for 10 years and represented Finland in London, Japan and in the Netherlands where we placed second. In my cosplay costumes I like to put together lots of small details and to generally challenge myself. I hope you enjoy our performance which started as a joke!


UruharaFC - Päivi
UruharaFC - Päivi
UruharaFC - Satu
UruharaFC - Päivi

Instagram: Von Aidainder

We are UruharaFC, a cosplaying duo from the Kouvola region. We have cosplayed since the
year 2009, have competed in a variety of finnish cosplay competitions and also represented
Finland internationally. Päivi is a a fashion and costuming professional and the sewer of the
team. Satu makes wigs and props and designs our cosplay performances.


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