Laura "LaaLaa" Lipponen

Photo by Sona Haapanen

Hi I am Laura or LaaLaa Silentcosplay. I started cosplaying and going to conventions in 2007. I
first learned how to sew back in elementary school and those skills carry on to this day. Also the
internet has taught me a whole lot. Later on I trained to be a certified make-up artist, which is
why I particularly love to do clownlike characters. I usually tend to go for characters that are
either psychopaths or otherwise extremely lively personalities. I enjoy competing and even
though I usually compete alone I am also a part of a cosplay group called “Sieniluolan Lapset”
that performs together every now and then.

Mirka “Navia Cosplay”

3. Mirka “Navia Cosplay” Kuvaaja_ @arcilune (1)
Photo by @arcilune

Hey, I am Mirka or Navia Cosplay on social media! I’ve been cosplaying well over 10 years now
and have competed since 2016. So far I have placed in both WCS- and ECG-preliminaries. I am
an artisan in clothing and a designer specializing in fashion and costuming. When selecting
cosplay projects I prefer costumes that have clear historical influences. This holds true in the
costume I have selected for this competition. I have wanted to make this costume for years, but
I’ve been waiting for the perfect competition and now it’s finally here. I look forward to the
competition and sharing my work with others! See you at the competition!

Carita "JackyJacky" Mutikainen

Photo by Tommi Helin

Hey! I am JackyJacky by my real name is Carita. I have been cosplaying for over 10 years
already, but I started competing only a few years ago. For me cosplay competitions have always
been the best part of any convention I attended and making the transition from an audience
member to the stage has been a big milestone. I look forward to the ICL-preliminaries and all
the experiences it brings along.


5. AtricolorKei Kuvaaja_ Anna _Felifay_ Repo (2)
Photo by Anna Felifay Repo

Hey! I am AtricolorKei. I have been cosplaying since 2014 and you may have seen me around
in the competition scene for a while as well. When it comes to costumes I particularly enjoy the
designs I find in video games, fantasy movies & series, the kind of costume designs that have
very intricate details. In fact I love all kinds of detailed crafting.

Myrsky “myrsky_cosgay”

6. Myrsky_cosgay Kuvaaja_ (1)
Photo by

@myrsky_cosgay (instagram)

Hello there! Myrsky here!! :3 Not really sure what to write here ~Hehe! But perhaps the most
important thing is I am excited and looking forward to the competition, although I am frankly a bit
nervous! I hope the audience have their clapping muscles warmed up and ready as there will be
so many amazing costumes!! Well then I’ll carry on working on my costume!! See you at comic
con!! <3:Myrsky


7. Depisu Kuvaaja_ Pixeffect (1)
Photo by Pixeffect

Hi! I am Depisucosplay, or Depisu in short and I have been cosplaying since 2009. During my
many years of cosplaying I have made all kinds of costumes, competed in all kinds of
competitions and even placed in a few of them. What I especially enjoy in cosplaying is meeting
all the other people! On the crafting side of things I love modifying wigs and making props. It’s
super fun to meet other contestants in the competition backstage areas and share the
excitement and the nerves together!


Photo by Ketkukarkki

Hey there, this is tolkuncos! You could say I’m sort of a jack of all trades of cosplay with roughly
ten years under my belt. I truly enjoy doing a bit of everything when it comes to costumes. I tend
to challenge myself with different and novel techniques and with a wide variety of costume
choices. I find it’s essential that I get to set myself creative challenges when cosplaying and
constantly learn new things. Right now I’m eagerly anticipating trying out this brand new type of
competition in the Finnish ICL-prelimiaries. See you at Comic Con!

Johanna "gg" Koskinen

Photo by Pixeffect

Hi! I am gg, a cosplayer originally from South Ostrobothnia. I started cosplaying in 2010, which
means this year will be my 14th anniversary! It’s been gratifying to see how much I’ve grown
and gained valuable experience during these years. When I make costumes I especially enjoy sewing and I really like to focus on details. The costume I’m competing with has fed my need for
plenty of intricate details and has given me a chance to try out many new techniques. I look
forward to this new competition format and I can’t wait to see the other contestants’ costumes
and performances.


Photo by Sampo Henttonen

Hellllo there~ I’m Iinaban and my dreadful habit of sewing on the kitchen floor has been slowly
but surely damaging my back ever since I started this hobby in 2014. Throughout the years I
have competed a fair bit and it’s refreshing to go to a brand new event like this and compete in a
new venue. The part that motivates me the most in cosplay is making props. I really strive to
develop my skills with each costume, for example by learning new methods and techniques and
finding new kinds of materials to work with.

Rini.M Creations

11. Rini.M_Creations Kuvaaja_ Nathan van den Berg (1)
Photo by Nathan van den Berg

Hey! I am Riina / Rini.M Creations and have cosplayed for over 10 years. By profession I am an
artisan in clothing and also a designer. Back when I started I never thought I’d ever have the
courage to get on stage. But the years have gone by and now looking back I’m pleased to say
I’ve participated in WCS, ECG and ECC -preliminaries along with some other smaller costume
competitions. Cosplay has always been an outlet for me to express myself creatively, and it’s
actually the reason I applied to study clothing and design in the first place. I adore big dresses,
ruffles and fine details. When making cosplay costumes it’s truly lovely to get to try out a variety
of techniques and to problem solve in a creative way, which you don’t get to do nearly as much
when making day to day clothing.


Photo by Marko Paakkonen

Hi! I’m Saaraz and I’ve been making cosplays costumes for the past 18 years and have been
competing since 2013. I love making detailed costumes and learning new techniques for
costume crafting. ❤️ I’m super interested to see for myself what kind of competition ICL is and
I’m very excited to see all the other amazing costumes and stage performances we’re about to
see. ✨


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