Hello! I’m Miranda, Finnish nerd YouTuber going by a handle Namikolinx! I’ve edited videos since nursery school and its still my biggest passion. Judging is especially meaningful for me when I can see how many are interested in the world of editing! I hope my feedback will be benefitial – if you want to hear it after the contest that is!


Hi. I’m Toni and I’m representing the organizing team of Comic Con Finland. My own experience with AMVs is mostly limited to casual browsing of Kevin Caldwell and Macross AMVs as well as editing AMV type idol oue videos to YouTube back in the so called ”old days”. Currently I’m studying in the field of Business Administration at Turku University of Applied Sciences. I’m a longterm idol fanatic and coordinator in fan groups (48 group since 2012. Now NMB48). I’m fluent in Japanese and interested in many societal currents and pecularities. I’m also a film enthusiast, record collector and I consume vast amounts of music. Favorite directors include Andrei Tarkovsky, John Ford, Robert Bresson, Hideaki Anno and Jun Ichikawa. Japanese movies and pop/rock of showa era are also huge passions for me. Recently, the album that resonated with me the most was Eiichi Ohtaki’s A Long Vacation.


Hello! I’m Vimppu or Velo. I’ve studied and work in the art industry. I’ve been part of event coordinating for almost 15 years and I’ve done pretty much everything between cosplay photography to event production but this is my first time as an AMV judge. I’ve been a fan of J-Music for a long time and my hobbies include odottemita dance. Visual presentation and storytelling play a major part in my everyday life.  I’m so thrilled to be part of the team and good luck in the contest!


Hello hello! I’m Nicke or as most would know from YouTube: waywardnick. I started editing videos over 10 years ago after I was inspired to do so by AMVs of other editors. I’ve been a participant in three AMV contests so far and this is my second time as an AMV judge – so happy to be back in a judges team! Currently I’m a third year media content planning student at University of Applied Sciences. I also work as a freelance editor and animator on the side. Though I still manage to make way for AMV editing from time to time. I appreciate good rhythm and cuts in AMVs among technical skills. I’m especially fond of videos that evoke emotions – be it in the form of laughter, tears or goosebumps!


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